The Farm



Scanderson Farm is on an acre lot in Roseville, MN. It is home to 5 chickens, 2 beehives, and 2 cats. We first started in 2011, when we got out first chickens. We fell in love with our girls and having fresh eggs. Then one day my dad started researching bees and we ended up with them too! Now we get so much honey we don’t know what to do with it!


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I’m Gigi, I live on Scanderson Farms! My favorite thing about having chickens and bees is getting to learn so much about them! I want to get a degree in veterinarian medicine, so having animals to watch always teaches me something new. I’ve been working with chickens since I was 4 years old. When we first got them, all I wanted to do was carry them around (as any little kid would!). As I got older, more of their care responsibility was passed onto me.

Bees changed my family more than any other animal we had. They made us think about the different poisons humans use on the environment and how they impact the bees. It also stopped us from trying to have an all grass yard, dandelions are no longer a weed, they’re bee food!

The Animals



Barred Rock




Speckled Sussex



White Laced Wyandotte




Buff Orpington